About the Program

Cultural Connections began as the Puerto Rican Orientation Program in the 1970s, and as the needs of students of color changed on Yale’s campus, the program was renamed the Pre-Registration Orientation Program. In 1999, the pre-orientation program became Cultural Connections, and in 2004, the program was opened to all students. Each year, we host approximately 125 first-year students during late August.

Cultural Connections (CC) activities center around developing relationships with CC community and Yale’s student support systems. We do this through Poetry Jams, CC Olympics, Talent show, and opportunities to interact with faculty, Yale’s cultural centers, and more. In addition, we have critical conversations and reflection on power, privilege, and identity. At the end of your CC experience you will have developed a community and network as you begin your first year at Yale. 

CC is designed to assist incoming students with the transition from high school to college. Our CC counselors are current students and chosen for their familiarity with Yale’s resources, willingness to serve as a mentor to incoming first years, and for their diverse interests (academic, community, extracurricular, etc.). These counselors serve as program staff during our program and not only assist us in day-to-day logistics, but more importantly, help create a friendly atmosphere for our incoming first years. 

The 2021 Cultural Connections Program will be offered in person this year. Covid-19 precaution and restrictions will be followed.

Program Dates

Cultural Connections will run from Monday, August 23rd through Thursday, August 26th, 2021. Applications open June 1st with a deadline to apply to Cultural Connections on July 1st, 2021.

Housing and Meals

Room and board will be provided for the duration of the program. All CC participants will be housed into their permanents rooms. Our student counselors will temporarily be housed near our participants for help and guidance.

Cost of the Program

More information soon.